Mystic Services

Appointments can be made for private intuitive sessions, communicating with your angels and deceased loved ones, or to take a class.

Once paid you will be contacted for a date/time for your session.  

30 Minutes

Half hour appointments are great when you need a healing or want a short session with the angels.


60 Minutes

Full hour appointments are suggested when you need more than a quick pick me up.  

Private Class

Just about everything Karan teaches is offered one on one, in private classes.  Fee is $75 per session/class and lasts between 30-45 minutes.  

Gems and Trinkets


Bracelets are available as pictured, stretchy, $20 or as priced.  

Custom orders also taken, indicate color or healing energy preferred.  $20 up.  




Strength Bracelet

Carnelian, Garnet, Amethyst, Gold Tiger Eye - strengthens you in all you do, brings courage and fortitude, removes hostility, strengthens soul resolve

Varying Sizes, Orders Taken can choose charms.  

Intuitive Awareness

Labradorite and Cape Amethyst open the third eye gently to open psychic abilities

8 inch



Angelite, Aventurine and Beryl  Angelic help for physical strength/ healing, heart healing and understanding angelic messages on the physical plane.   7.5 inches


Apatite, Pink Aventurine, Rose Quartz

Heart happiness and expanding love 7 inches


Carnelian, Orange Aventurine, Orange Calcite  instills success while removing hostility and resentment

6.75 inches

Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Calcite to pull in gold light and heal lingering concerns.  Offers inspiration and courage.

8 inches


Dumortierite and Aquamarine to help with clarity, angelic messages, and true communication.  Also helps with understanding what is being communicated to you even when you don't want to hear/know.  

8 inches

Sodalite and Rose Quartz for love based communication, especially when things need to be said.

7.5 inches

Dumortierite and Angelite

Better physical comunication and angelic inspirations; for understanding and being understood

7 inches


Jasper and Howlite helps anchor communication and instills a sense of assuredness.  8 inches 

Jasper and Sodalite keeps you centered while clearing communication and understanding. 7.5 inches


Jasper and Cape Amethyst keeps you centered physically and spiritually 

7 inches


Carnelian, Pink Aventurine, Citrine

Removes blockages to success, instills an attitude of love and inspiration in all actions

8 inches

Rose Quartz, Pink Aventurine and Citrine  Lifts the soul, offers inspiration and fortitude to move forward with beginnings and endings

6.5 inches


Earrings are available as pictured or special order with your choice of gemstones.  You can also ask for one chosen for you by the angels. 

Choice of earwire:  925 SS, Long drop gold or silver, back hook drop, copper, silver or gold fishhook

small angels - two beads with wings or one bead with wings and cone.  Choose what is here or pick two color beads for special order.  $10  

medium angels - two beads with wings  and cone.  Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz head with Pink Aventurine, Rose Quartz Head with Carnelian, or pick two color beads for special order.  $10  


Citrine with Carnelian - success with creativity and clarity

Rose Quartz  for a strong unconditional and universal love vibration.  Activates the spiritual heart chakra.

Green Aventurine for good health and strong heart.   Activates the physical heart chakra and strengthens the immune system.

long angels - two beads with wings  and cone.  Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz head with Pink Aventurine, Rose Quartz Head with Carnelian, or pick two color beads for special order.  $12

Rose Quartz with Pink Aventurine - archangel Haniel recipe for loving kindness

Prehnite and Charoite  $20

For fulfilling heart's desires

Rose Quartz and Charoite  $20

Understanding in love

Citrine and Smokey Quartz

removing negativity and instilling inspiration  $20

Rose Quartz and Carnelian for forgiveness with love, releasing hostilities with love.  $15

Rosaries and Rosary Wrap Bracelets

Rosaries coming soon

Wrap Rosary Bracelets

peridot clear qrtz rosary 2.jpg

Jasper   $20

Peridot, citrine and clear quartz  $45




Dumortierite (blue jean blue) and Rose Quartz   $40

Amethyst with Swarovski elements   $75

Cape and Dark Amethyst   $45