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New Moon September 18, 2020 AngelScopes


Aries – You’re the Star, Aries!  The angels are helping you shine your light far and wide.  Wishes are coming true and it’s your turn to be in the spotlight.  Remember to relax and rest during this new to full moon phase.  Archangel Metatron is helping you stay true to your goals and your soul.


Taurus – This new to full moon phase brings about may truths, Taurus.  Some you like, some you don’t.  Whatever is revealed changes your life forever.  You may feel out-smarted.  As things fall into alignment, Archangel Michael assists.  A new path is being cleared for you.


Gemini – This new to full moon phase may find you reminiscing, Gemini.  Staying focused helps you move forward with plans.  Archangel Raphael is close by to help with decision making that can change your life.  Rewards will be revealed by/in December.


Cancer – It’s a happy time, Cancer, as wishes are fulfilled and fun activities are highlighted.  The next couple of months will be filled with light-heartedness, especially when you are noticing the positives around you.  Outcomes in many areas provide welcome surprises.  Archangel Gabriel joins in all celebrations, and leads you to those you may have missed.


Leo – A special male is highlighted during this new to full moon stage, Leo.  He brings love everywhere he goes.  For you, an awakening is about to occur as the angels help you to open and stretch your mind.  Archangel Ratziel offers wisdom to add to your knowledge.  It’s a smooth flowing time.


Virgo – You may be more busy than you like, Virgo, as both work and family have many demands.  It’s up to you to guard your energy and keep your health strong.  Angel Cassiel helps when needed, especially to open up space for relaxation and downtime.  You may find yourself taking a short trip.


Libra – You are well loved, Libra, and a younger person may be singing your praises during this new to full moon phase.  It’s time for you to offer love and friendship to someone new to your circle.  This could be anyone from a child to a neighbor to a co-worker.  Archangel Jophiel helps you see the joy in each day and all around you.


Scorpio – Get ready to fight, Scorpio!  You may find yourself in a spot that you need to face an adversary.  No worries, the blue flame angels of Archangel Michael’s legion are lined up to help you.  Exhibiting integrity goes much further than facts and statistics or sweet words at this time.  Home comforts offer rejuvenation.


Sagittarius – This new moon asks you to reassess who you WERE and set a plan for who you are going to be.  The past is behind you and a total change seems in the works.  Reassess and realign with the help of the masters Jesus, Ganesha, and the Queen of the Angels, Mary.  Once the upheaval energy passes, you’ll be moving to a new and better phase of life.


Capricorn – You have more than you realize, Cap, and the angels ask you to do an inventory during this new to full moon phase.  New life energy is all around you and this really IS  a good time to make that move or take that plunge.  Archangel Haniel helps you find, create, and maintain success.


Aquarius – If you are willing, all fetters fall away during this new to full moon phase, taking you from victim to victor.  As blinders are removed, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual advancements take place.  Recognizing which cords to cut can free you from emotional turmoil.  The Creator inspires making changes that bring true happiness now. 


Pisces – The chains that bind are broken and you are free to be you, to move on as you wish and to shine your light.  Holy Spirit energy brings newness previously unperceived.  Inspirations abound and solutions are easily found during this new to full moon phase and through the end of October.