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Kathy Nemeh:  Accept it, Believe it, and Own it

We travelled to Cleveland, OH this past weekend to experience the healing vibrations of Dr. Issam Nemeh.  The seven-hour drive was uneventful, a little rain, not much traffic, and it was light out when we arrived.  What was quite amazing was that the weather, which just the day before indicated storms all weekend long, had changed to partly cloudy and beautiful from Saturday evening through Monday.  We arrived exactly seven hours from when we left.  We checked in to the hotel and then headed out to find some dinner.  Before we knew it, it was after 9pm.  We all needed to stretch out, so off to our rooms to unwind and prepare for the next day.  Except Carol, she headed to the gym.


Sunday morning came, and I was already feeling taller as I walked the corridor to breakfast.  I’ve been to this healing service twice before, and the first time I was noticeably taller.  Well, noticeable to myself.  I found this out when everything was looking different. While in the grocery store it came to me, I was taller!  When I asked people attending classes if they noticed anything, they didn’t.  But my friend Connie Whitman of Whitman and Associates asked me if I measured myself.  To tell the truth, I never thought about doing that.  I went home and measured myself.  An inch and a half taller!  That was in August, 2017.  This trip when I returned, I measured myself again.  Yes, taller!  (More on being tall later in this series.)


We had a yummy buffet breakfast and then headed to the hall where the healing service would take place.  As before, a spread of coffee, tea, water, and snacks were laid out.  Today there were even donuts!  (Bern thought they were delicious!)  The greeters are so very pleasant, and this trip I was able to meet Kathy Nemeh, wife of Dr. Nemeh.  A lovely, lovely, woman, she greeted every person as if they were an old friend.  Which, I guess we really are, since we are all one.  The crowd was filled with folks from all over.  People had flown in from Las Vegas just for the healing service, and had an early afternoon flight back.  Another couple came from Illinois, and people were there from Canada as well.


Our first speaker, Charlene, spoke a bit about what to expect during the service.  When you arrive you are handed a pamphlet (updated from last year in a way that emanates the healing), and a prayer card.  This first speaker had a huge angel behind her and a large aura about her.  Right before she led us in the prayer, I noticed Padre Pio had joined us and was pacing around at the front, near the podium. 


Charlene then introduced Kathy Nemeh, who spoke endearingly of her husband of 35 years.  She explained that he doesn’t have a gift of healing, he has a gift of love.  Kathy suggested that when we receive our blessing to accept it, believe it, and own it.  Profound words.  In my experience, an attitude of faith can be the difference (in any healing) between a total cure and a temporary relief.  When you receive a healing and think, well, lets see if this really works, you may cast doubt and stop the healing, or you may go back to your original thought processes.  Accept it, believe it and own it. 


Kathy went on to tell her story.  She wasn’t going to marry, she wasn’t having children, she was going to be a politician.  She realized that God had other plans for her, and she followed His plans instead of hers.  Now she is married, has had four children, and her family life is abundant.  Kathy now reaches many people in ways a politician never could, and what an impact she makes!  (My word, not hers.  She is very humble.)  Kathy advised us to trust, for that is when things happen.


Kathy’s aura was a brilliant white, and would change to gold at certain moments.  Archangel Gabriel was on her left, and The Blessed Mother was by her right side as she spoke.  Padre Pio continued to walk around up front. 


As Kathy prepared to introduce her husband, she brought out a picture, one that is often in the front of the room once the healing service begins.  It’s a picture of Jesus riding on a donkey into town, and all the people surrounding Him.  She tells the story of when her husband asked her to look at the picture and tell him who she would like to be in the picture.  We all giggle as she relays, first I told him I wanted to be the woman in the upper corner, because she is very beautiful.  He said, no, guess again.  Then she wanted to be the children in the lower corner, because they were happy and close to Jesus.  He said to her, “ok, and who would I be in this picture?”


After a bit, Dr. Nemeh said, “I am the donkey.”


Next up:  Be The Donkey

This is the second of three articles describing our trip to Cleveland, OH over the weekend of June 23, 2018.


After Kathy Nemeh gave the story of the donkey, she introduced her husband.  Dr. Nemeh is an unassuming man – strong in his beliefs (but not so strong as to force them on anyone) and emanating an energy of pure love.


The man who helps draw miracles to you took the podium and explained about being the donkey; the closest of all in the picture to Jesus, patiently bringing Jesus to all.  Dr. Nemeh inspires us by saying, “don’t underestimate the power of being the donkey!”


His talk on this Sunday was different than my previous visits: a little softer, a little kinder.  He explained how being neutral in our asking and praying is not always in our best interests.  Prayer is confusing, we have to pur our faith to work; or it will remain only an idea.  If we don’t put our faith to work, things won’t happen.  It was during this part of the talk that I saw the master Moses behind Dr. Nemeh.


The idea of working your faith has to do with trust:  “Don’t DO anything,” the doctor advises, “Surrender.  Acceptance is key.  We become empowered in such a way that we can help everyone we come in contact with when we surrender ourselves.  It is the mystery of mysteries.”


Dr. Nemeh was quite passionate as he explained that the mind of God is in everything.  He explained that unity is where the eternal truth lies.  “Perfection is about love for all around us.  You are offering yourself for God, for your lover.”


God’s spirit dwells in every creature.  We are, as believers, the center of everything.  We are the redemptive act.  (At this point I notice that Padre Pio is pacing around up front once again.)  Dr. Nemeh explained that he loves even his enemies because he can see that person as the last soul.  He sees God in every person.  Next the doctor spoke about how Christians are being persecuted all over the world.


After a thoughtful glance, Dr. Nemeh went on to discuss the power of our minds.  “Don’t underestimate it, “ he says, “we are the immune system of God.  Seek the truth, put Jesus first and you will always be guided.”


Later in the talk he expounded on this idea. 


Dr. Nemeh explained that while the physical healings are remarkable, the true healing takes place in your mind and soul.  It’s much more exciting to see people changing their lives.  We are encouraged, “everything is a blessing, everything.  The Lord touches every evil and turns it into good.”


The topic changes and we are back to unity.  Unity and not duality.  When we only focus on our physical existence, our spiritual life becomes veiled.  Merging the two is what creates balance.  We are once again asked to be donkeys, carrying Jesus to the people.  As we are channels for Him and dwelling places for him, we can help humanity.  The light of revelation will be revealed to each person individually.  People from all nations and all religions will be involved in revelations. 


Once he finished speaking on unity, we were back to the power of our minds and seeking the truth.  “Our minds are so powerful that our intention changes the things around us.  One human can change a town, two could change the state or country, and 12 men changed the world.”


Dr. Nemeh’s talk came to an end with him encouraging us to pay attention to our feelings, for they are more expressive than any words.  He thanked us, left the podium and the volunteers began to set up for the healing service.  Twelve chairs were arranged up front, facing the wall.  Tissues were readied.  The catchers were in place.  The videographer was in place.  The healings were about to begin.


Dr. Issam Nemeh - Be the Donkey

Full Moon Scopes January 2020  (1/9 – 1/23)


Aries- Soul mates are all around, Aries, and when you pay attention to that special someone in your life all your other relationships flourish.  This is not a time for pride, it’s a time for honest expression, being open and saying what you feel, not what you think is the right thing or will bring a certain result.  Remember 2020 is clear vision, which means everyone will see right through your baloney talk.  Archangel Kamael and Saint Ann are guiding you through this process.


Taurus – The concealed will be revealed during this time, Taurus.  It may be your own truth or a truth around you, but the hidden will be made known.  The Serenity Prayer can be a great help to you during this time.   Archangels Metatron and Michael help you see clearly all that is under the surface as well as what is above it; they offer whatever strength you need for yourself or others.   


Gemini – When we give we receive and when we receive we give.  That is the circuitry of life and one that is very active in your life right now, Gemini.  Sharing gives you opportunity to receive, opening pathways to your abundance.  Receiving gives you more opportunity to share.  Archangel Tzaphkiel is by your side, helping you understand when you are open to receive and when you are blocking yourself from receiving during this time.


Cancer – You can be a kind and patient teacher or a hard-nosed preacher, the choice is yours Cancer.  If you are feeling stuck and recognize negativity emerging from you ask for the preacher to be silenced and the teacher to shine through.  You have so much wisdom to share, and Jesus is there with you, guiding you in a way that will be healing to all involved.  This includes with being hard on yourself.  Your guardian angel will help with recognizing any self-sabotage and then releasing it. 


Leo – Connecting with your light illuminates the darkness and allows fear to be released during this full to new moon phase.  If you find yourself overwhelmed, and reacting instead of acting, remember you have angelic help. The winter is hard on Leos with less sun, so connect with the sun within you to keep yourself illuminated, and call on the two archangels helping you at this time.  Archangel Haniel leads you to loving success, and Archangel Gabriel helps lift your mood (whether you like it or not.) 


Virgo – When you see the light of God in every person, you illuminate your own light.  This helps you understand the world in a kinder and wiser way, and makes room for more interaction with others.  Archangel Raphael helps with any judgement or hard heartedness you carry, making your own life a little sweeter during this time.


Libra – The angels are working with you to make your dreams come true by expanding your thoughts on how to bring into reality your desires.  Connecting your higher self and all your angels to bring to fruition your goals is the action needed now.  As your thoughts are firmed up, your ideas are transformed into action, and your results become manifest.  Archangel Gabriel is your never ending cheerleader and archangel Michael moves obstacles, even if you placed them there.


Scorpio – Your intuition and psychic powers are extremely strong during this full to new moon phase, and your awareness is heightened.  Archangel Ratziel helps you understand how to best use these talents at this time.  You may also receive a new guide, one of the great Masters who will lead you exactly to where you need to be.  Embracing your gifts with grace increases them even more.


Sagittarius – Miracles are on their way, and they appear when you release all selfishness, envy, anger and self-pity.  Rejecting these negative vibrations ignites the power of miracles in your life.  Archangel Kamael and Blessed Mother Mary illuminate these negative tendencies so you are able to release them and bring on the miraculous.


Capricorn – Usually it’s the sign of Cancer that has a hard time letting go, but during this full to new moon phase, it may be you, Cap, who is holding onto things that keep you down.  Release the past and allow your joy-filled future to enter your realm.  Archangel Jophiel is close by, increasing beams of sunlight, magic and healing as you let go and let God.


Aquarius – The angels are helping you recognize heaven on earth during this time period.  You carry the spark of the world within, you were created with the light of the Mesiah, and the angels are helping you acknowledge and embrace this light.  Seeing that spark within everyone helps it grow within you.  Releasing thoughts of need and embracing thoughts of gratitude will ignite your life in many positive ways.  Jesus is helping you, Buddha is advising, and your guardian angel is sending oceans of unconditional love your way.


Pisces – The angels remind you that we are all connected to the Divine, and all we need to do is to tap into that connection to re-ignite our brilliance.  If you are feeling over- or under-whelmed, take a few minutes to meditate, see yourself connected to source, and a great light coming from source to you.  This life giving light ignites you body, mind, spirit and soul.  If you need help, Archangel Metatron will strengthen you and help recalibrate your thought processes.

Full Moon Scopes 1/9-1/23 2020

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