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Aries – The world is your oyster, Aries.  It’s at your feet and it’s time to boldly move forward with  certainty.  Any changes you are contemplating are a GO!  You have strong angelic help as you bravely enter a new and exciting time.  Your only downfall would be inaction.  Unsure of what to do/how to do it – ask for the the help of Archangel Metatron and watch things fall into place.


Taurus – The angels indicate a bit more patience as the time frame for what you are working on goes through the end of October.  Test the waters before jumping into any new endeavor.  Archangel Raphael helps you with forward movement, patience and calmness when you need it.  You are filled with inspiration during this new to full moon phase.


Gemini – If you find yourself in a dispute of any kind, Archangel Kamael will help bring it to a fair conclusion.  Legalities are highlighted during this time, be sure to read thoroughly any and all contracts before signing on the dotted line.  New ventures are highlighted through August when a final decision is made.


Cancer – You may feel a bit upside down as things are settling into place.  The angels remind you to connect with your inner light and when you feel unsure about anything ask yourself is this/what do I really want.  Master Jesus is by your side encouraging you when you don’t want to move.  Time outdoors clears mental and emotional fog at this time.


Leo – A small rebirth is indicated, Leo – You are entering a brand new phase of life which has been coming for a while and is on a slow by steady progression.  Revelations abound and archangels Metatron and Michael are helping you regain personal power and awareness.


Virgo – You would like nothing better than to change your life, Virgo, and frustration may impede your progress.  As you cut the fat our of your life, the angels assist with kindness and compassion.  The energy of “father” is very strong at this time.  Your guardian angel helps you with every decision and every step forward. 


Libra – Juggling all areas of your life to keep on a steady fprward path is indicated as you find yourself busy, busy, busy.  You’d really like to just play, but matters of life are at hand.  Gemini friends encourage fun and laughter.  Archangel Uriel helps you find your way to new locations.


Scorpio – Family matters are highlighted during this new to full moon stage, Scorpio.  Situations may have you all up in arms and worries about finances are indicated.  There is enough to pull you through to the next bounty.  Archangel Haniel adds light to any situation when you ask for his help.  He leads you to success when you can’t see it.


Sagittarius – Your inner child may have had enough of adulting, Sag.  The angels indicate self-care and personal fun is on the agenda during this new to full moon phase.  Don’t quit, rest is the mantra now.  Being kind to yourself will help you be kind to others.  Blessed mother is working with angel Ariel to help nurture you as needed.


Capricorn – Love is all around, Cap.  You are giving ti, your are receiving it, but most importantly you are feeling it.  This is a wonderful time to profess love.  Single and looking?  Keep those eyes open.  Paired up?  Look for deeper commitments.  Single and don’t care?  Love from family and friends is extra strong at this time.  Archangel Gabriel brings in happy new beginnings.  There are good vibrations headed your way.


Aquarius – Offers of money are headed your way, Aquarius.  Be ready to sell that home, buy that car, or take that new job.  This is a time of abundance for you, so even if you have been in a drought the angels indicate an attitude of gratitude will bring the offers you are seeking.  Business ventures start slow but reap nice rewards over time.  Your master guide is working with your guardian angel to to open your mind to exciting new adventures.


Pisces – Just when you least expect it, exactly what you want/need arrives at your door.  Stay hopeful Pisces.  The job/person/home of your dreams is about to show up.  Quick decisions will need to be made and you may leave all that’s familiar behind – in a good way.  Archangel Michael helps you cut through the much so you can see clearly and move easily.  St. Padre Pio helps heal what needs healing.  This may be a starting point that concludes/solidifies in December of this year.



New Moon Scopes May 21, 2020

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