Energy/Healing Retreat Weekends

Healer  Workshops 2 through 11  - Colors, Chakras, Gems

Everything is a vibration and all vibration is color.  Understanding color vibration is the first step to becoming a great healer.

Each month we will explore a different color, the vibrations of color, the chakras associated with that color, and the gems used to amplify the color's vibration. 


Also included each month:

 - Feeling Color - learn to discern color not through your eyes but through your energy field when blindfolded

- Color Healing Techniques - each month a specific new healing technique 

- Color depletion/excess - recognizing imbalance in the energy field

Bring a lunch or we will order out.


Nov. 17, 2019                           Dec. 28, 2019


Early Bird Specials:

$125/session through the 1st of the month the class is held

Pranic Healing Classes

Basic Pranic Healing January 25-26, 2020

Start the New Year with a New Healing Modality for Self and Others.

We are thrilled to offer this training of a healing modality that so many are reaping the benefits of.


Pranic Healing is an integral part of our center.  Results are often immediate, and many clients come back for more sessions.  We offer basic and advanced sessions, from aura cleanses to weight management and everything in between, on a continual basis with consistent results.  If you have been interested in learning a healing modality, I recommend Pranic Healing.  If you choose to learn and would like to practice Pranic Healing we will support you every step of the way, with a place to offer your skills, monthly practices on specific protocols (this month we did stress and migraines) and welcoming camaraderie.  

Led by Kim Siar, MS - Pranic Healing Instructor

MCKS Pranic Healing Level I Course

Enjoy a more fulfilling, healthier and happier life by applying the tools and techniques learned during this basic level Pranic Healing Workshop. This intensive program is designed to empower you to improve your wellbeing at all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; to enhance your relationships; to increase your energy level and vitality, to find more inner peace and stillness; and much more... All in just one weekend!

Included in this 2-Day intensive workshop:

*Understand the correlation between the physical anatomy and the energetic anatomy

*Learn about the functions of the chakras (energy centers) and Align the chakra energy levels

*Scan conditions of the aura and chakras   *Replace stagnant energies with fresh revitalizing energies

*Balance energy levels through physical and breathing exercises

*Learn healing techniques for simple to moderate energy imbalances

*Acquire skills for Self-healing and Distance-healing

*Apply simple and effective techniques to reduce stress

*Disconnect from draining people, work stress and negative situations

*Use energy hygiene for yourself, your home and office

*Understand and enjoy the benefits of the Ancient Meditation and breathing practices


*Receive a Certificate of Completion

Bring a lunch, or head out during the break.  Lite snacks and beverages will be available.


Price is $400, with early bird pricing of $375 when you sign up by Dec. 15.

Fee for folks already certified who would like to review the course is $100.

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