Mystical Kabbalah – The Angels and the Tree of Life 2 Day Intensive

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life holds many secrets and wisdoms, accessible to those who study.  This weekend course will take you through each of the Sephirot.  You will be introduced to the angels of the tree and come to understand and experience pathworking. 


Kabbalah is an empowering tool that helps you improve your life.  Kabbalah is true magic, bringing Divine Will to man, instead of man’s will to the Divine.  This does not mean you give up your will, it means you open your will to include suggestions from the Divine.  People who have learned Kabbalah in this manner have commented on the changes their lives have taken through this study and by integrating the information/practices into their daily lives.  Kabbalah means “to receive” and helps you literally receive the fulfillment you were promised by the Creator.  Kabbalah is an empowering tool that helps you improve your life.


This is an intensive weekend; healing and wisdom will be obtained.  Each sephirot is an emanation of God, addressing a different area of your life.  Working the sephira allows each emanation to permeate your soul, giving you the chance to remember your true self and your purpose here on earth.


Please dress comfortably, get enough rest the night before and eat a light meal before arrival.  We will break to stretch and ready ourselves for the next step between sephira and take a one hour lunch break each day.  Hours are 10 – 5 each day.


The cost for this life changing weekend is $249. 




Discounted price $225 when paid before 4/30/20

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You've heard or felt the call. Your soul is awakening and asking you to increase your spirituality. You have an interest - perhaps an insatiable yearning - for all things metaphysical, supernatural or paranormal. Where do you begin?

Path of the Mystic is a set of four intensive workshops, one each month, designed to help you along your path. Beginner or sage, you will find enlightening wisdom to help you fulfill and understand your unique mission. Each workshop covers a different topic starting with Energetic Boundaries, and each is $149 for the day. Lunch is not included, but lite snacks, tea, coffee and water are.

Energetic Boundaries

Date TBD

10am - 5pm

We are all energy, and as soon as we are three feet from someone our energies begin to merge. Ever walk into a room and just suddenly feel different? Spend time with someone and feel totally exhausted afterwards, though you weren't necessarily physically active? Or spend time with someone and feel exhilarated?

Keeping your energy strong is as important as keeping your body strong. If you know it is cold outside you wear a coat. If you know your energy may be compromised, you wear light.

Setting boundaries and keeping your energy strong and clear can lead to better inner communication, clearer messages from your soul, angels and guides, and produce smoother interactions with others.

In this workshop/seminar these topics will be covered:

* Your Energy Field, including the Aura
* Energetic Osmosis
* Cleansing and Protection of the Personal Energy Field
* Energy Strengtheners (Setting Boundaries)
* Types of Energy Work (healing) and Which is Best for You

This will be an intensive workshop day. Please bring a lunch, or we can order out. All supplies needed are also included.

Price is $149 for the day

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Awakening the True Soul


Date TBD
We all have an interior GPS, a part of us that will guide us to complete karma, missions, and all the wonderful aspects of life in all its glory. The awakening process may take years to complete, even the rest of your life to fully integrate. This full day intensive workshop course helps you acknowledge your deepest self (soul) by traveling to your highest self (God/Universal Consciousness). Learn to connect on all levels with every dimension you are attached to.

This workshop will help you –

Experience and acknowledge All Levels of Your Being

Connect with your Higher Self

Control the Shadow Self

Bring a lunch or we will order out. Lite beverages provided. All supplies needed will be provided.


Beyond the Veil - Spiritual Beings



There is a multitude of spiritual beings that help us at all times. Most we cannot see withour eyes, but can feel, intuit, or see in our mind’s eyes. From earth elementals to angels, discover the many types of helps we receive from the different beings. Angels, ghosts, guides, ETs, faeries, gnomes, masters, etc. will all be addressed in this interactive workshop seminar.

This workshop will –

• Raise your awareness of Spiritual Beings

• Connect you with your guides

• Offer insight for increasing/controlling communication from the other side

Bring a lunch or we will order out. Lite beverages provided. All supplies needed will be provided.

$149 or $125 when you sign up by 1/11/20